Viv's Kitchen started as Viv's Kitchen Original Hot Pepper sauces which was established in 2019. We are continuously balancing flavors from sourcing and using the highest quality fruits, the freshest ingredients and spices to create our unique sauces. Each sauce has an individual and distinctive taste, which is due to our commitment to enhance the natural flavors which is the key signature of our sauces.


It was important to incorporate a chili pepper which is traditionally used in Caribbean cuisine to introduce a new flavor experience. The Scotch Bonnet Pepper represents “home” and is also known as Bahama Mama and has a flattened shape that resembles a tam or “Scotsman's Bonnet” hence the name.  


The Scotch Bonnet pepper is hot and has a heat rating of 80,000-400,000 scoville units. It can be almost sweet and has a vaguely fruity taste which marries well with exotic fruits. We use Jalapeno Peppers for achieving the milder flavor in some of the sauces which have a heat rating of 2,500 to 8,000 on the scoville scale.  


Viv's Kitchen has an organic vegetable garden, growing an increasing variety of vegetables and chili peppers and herbs, which are used in our cooking methods. All our sauces are bottled without any preservatives, unnatural colorings or stabilizers.