"Have a passion and dare to be different"

Viv was born in London, United Kingdom and her heritage is Dominican, Trinidadian and Ghanaian. Food, Reggie, Soca, carnival and extravagant colorful fabrics play a big role in Viv's culture. Delicious food is at the center of it all, cooked with love and using a blend of traditional spices. Viv has a passion for food and feels at her happiest when cooking. Viv's talent and culinary expertise in Caribbean cuisine was initially enjoyed by family, friends and colleagues. As word spread, Viv was approached to cater for parties and events incorporating her homemade recipes. At Viv´s kitchen you were always guaranteed to be cooked up something special. 


After moving to the Netherlands in 2017 and noticing a lack of varied authentic Caribbean cuisine, Viv decided to create Viv's Kitchen. At Viv's Kitchen we source the best ingredients and are passionate about bringing you the distinct, rich and original flavors of the Caribbean Islands.


At Viv's Kitchen we are committed to bringing authentic Caribbean food made with organic ingredients delivered in the most sustainable way. Viv sources only high quality produce from her own vegetable garden, local farmers and independent food suppliers. We are passionate and committed to meeting the demands for diverse flavors and satisfy the desire for unique food experiences.


Viv's Kitchen is located in Eindhoven in The Netherlands.